Quick Extender Pro Review : Before & After Results after 6 months

My Quick Extender Pro Review

 The Greek philosopher Plato once said that necessity is the mother of invention. Hence, it’s not surprising anymore to see new inventions such as the male enhancement devices on the market. Some men weren’t lucky enough to have a magnificent size which gave them something to be insecure about. This dissatisfaction of men inspired companies to create a product that can ease their worries and solve their problems.

Now, multiple companies already offer not just one but multiple types of male enhancement devices. This is to compete with other solutions that range from surgeries to pills. Penis extenders are still considered as the most efficient devices that are safe to use according to users.  So, we decided to examine one of the top-selling penis extenders now to know why customers chose it over.

Penis extenders like the Quick Extender have been in the industry for a long time now. Thus, its developers had enough time to refine its product.


What is the Quick Extender Pro?

With years of experience, the Quick Extender Pro successfully made a base that continues to grow over the tears. The Quick Extender Pro is a device that is based on the penis traction method to enlarge the penis. It is designed as a safety device that stimulates an all-natural form of penis enlargement without the help of pills.


How Does the Quick Extender Pro Work?

Below are the key points that explain the process and stages that your body will experience during the enlargement process:

  •         The Quick Extender Pro is based on the penis traction method
  •         It promotes natural cellular growth
  •         It stimulates proportion growth in girth and length
  •         The program involves an all-natural and painless process
  •         It includes an exclusive DSS Enhanced Comfort Technology

With the help of the Quick Extender Pro, your body will go through 3 steps of the enlargement process.

  •         Step 1: Wear the  Extender Device

This penile traction device works by applying a steady but light stretch to your penis regularly. Consistent stretching is the kind of tension that is applied to the penis. This penis traction method is the science behind the Quick Extender Pro. The process of stretching the penis is painless, unlike other penis enlargement devices. At the same time, its user-friendly design will not interfere with the functions of your penis.

  •         Step 2: Micro Tears

Whenever you wear the Quick Extender Pro, you expose your penis to constant traction. This is caused by the tension system that is specially calibrated to stretch your penis. As a result, very small tears or microscopic tears will start to occur along the shaft of your penis. As mentioned, the process is pain-free so you don’t have to worry as long as you wear it properly. But since these are microscopic tears only, they are not visible to the naked eye.

Thus, the tears can be seen only by magnifying it. Regardless, these tears that occur regularly during the program can also heal during your resting hours. As your body recognizes the new gaps, new cells occur to fill them in the penis tissue. The process of healing that your body will undergo during this process is called mitosis which is followed by cytokinesis.

  •         Step 3: The Healing Process

The process of mitosis occurs when the cells in the penis tissue start to divide which is called the cellular division. The cells in the penis tissue will divide into two during the mitosis. This cell division will continue until all gaps are filled after the penile traction. When the tears are fully healed, the increase in girth and length can be noticed after a couple of weeks.

On the other hand, the process that divides two cells once the nucleus is divided is called cytokinesis. This is also known as the final stage of cell division and the growth of tissue in the body. Thus, each still cell has a mirror image of the original nucleus after they are divided. Getting a bigger and longer penis means more cells divided to fill the gaps during the penile traction treatment. The cells will continue to divide as long as you use the device regularly.


Double Strap Support System

Widely known as the next generation of penis extenders, the Quick Extender Pro prides itself on having a DSS. The Double Strap Support system is a highly acclaimed feature with two tubes that are made of medical-grade silicone. These tubes serve as security barriers that keep the head of your penis in place for long hours. Therefore, rest assured that your entire penis shaft and its head will remain in place even if you move.

The tension can be more controlled as well which is a major issue by many penis extenders on the market. Its combined deluxe comfort pad also made the device more secure and comfortable to wear for extended periods. Increasing the comfort level of the device even though its tension also increases makes the Quick Extender Pro more efficient.

The Double Strap Support system provides 2x support so it is also 3x longer wearing compared with other penis extenders. The longer you wear the device without feeling pain or any discomfort, the sooner you can reach your goal.


Quick Extender Pro vs. Sizegenetics Other Penis Extenders

When it comes to penis extenders, the comfort straps are always a concern due to bacteria. Bacteria usually form under the comfort straps while you wear the device. This issue also prevents the penis from breathing which can cause the bacteria to increase under the straps. Over time, the buildup of bacteria can develop bad odors and cause penile infections.

In this case, the Quick Extender Pro has a gold standard that can eliminate the possibilities of infections and bad odors. This also means that users can safely wear the device for hours without worrying about choking their penis. You can use half of the tension to attach your penis into the support piece. Since it comes with 2 silicone strap attachments, the tension is equally distributed on each silicone tube.

These equal tensions on the tubes allow the device to hold your penis better and prevent slippage. Unlike other penis extenders, the medical grade comfort pads of the Quick Extender Pro contain air pockets. The air pockets in this exclusive material allow better air circulation while wearing the device so your perspiration can evaporate.

Aside from the silicone straps, the other parts of this premium penis extender system are also made with medical grade materials. The tension system and its attachments are made of strong aluminum material that is safe to be worn for hours.


Quick Extender Pro Results: Before and After

As a versatile penis extender, the Quick Extender Pro can be worn easily even while doing your daily activities. Its patented DSS system is specifically designed to provide absolute comfort despite wearing it for long hours. The longer you wear the device comfortably, the faster you can get results. So, check out the different

  •         Week 1 – Week 4

First things first, the Quick Extender Pro will arrive in your doorsteps pre-assembled. This means that all you have to do next is adjust its parts so it can fit you perfectly. Since this applies tension to stretch your penis, wearing it for the first time can seem a bit strange. However, it is will not be uncomfortable to the point of being painful due to its unique Double Strap Support system.

For the first few weeks, your body will slowly prepare your penis receptors and enter the growth mode. During the first 4 weeks, the applied tension will also allow more blood to enter and circulate in your penis.  As the device forces more blood into the penis chambers, your erections can become bigger and harder. Completing the first month which is known as the introductory phase will help your body prepare for cell regeneration.

  •         Week 5 – Week 8

Once you reach the second phase of wearing the Quick Extender Pro, your body is already adjusted to the penis extender. Thus, microscopic tears in the penile tissue will now occur in this phase to start the cellular division. These tears can’t be felt on the surface of the skin which is the reason why it is painless. Most importantly, this second phase promotes up to half an inch gain in length and girth for many average users.

  •         Week 9 – Onwards

By the time you reach this phase, your body has adapted already to the feel and tension of the penis extender. As your body recognizes the number of tears, your penis tissue cells will be divided right away to fill them. These cells can divide fast until all gaps are completely covered and healed. Though the required usage of the device takes up to 6 months, you can continue to use it.

New cells that fill in the gaps transform into additional penis length and girth. Aside from this proportion addition, you can also improve your erections as more blood fills your penis. Therefore, the benefits of using the Quick Extender Pro are not limited to just having a bigger penis to impress. You can also enjoy its permanent results after the initial 9 weeks.


Curved Penis and Peyronie’s Disease Solution

Before you make conclusions, take note that Peyronie’s disease is different from a simple bent penis problem. According to studies, around 15% to 20% of men around the world are born with a curved or bent penis. There is also a well-documented medical condition called Peyronie’s disease which causes the penis to bend.

For those who have a bent penis, the Quick Extender Pro is an effective solution that is meant for this. Whether you are suffering from Peyronie’s disease or just feeling insecure about having a curved penis, QEP will work. The Quick Extender Pro is also designed to correct any penis that many people consider as unattractive. This straightening process can be compared with how dental braces are applied to straighten crooked teeth and improve their smile.

The Quick Extender Pro is used to correct penile curvature with the help of Newton’s 3’rd Law of Motion. “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. The applied force of the device slowly reverses the curvature of the penis until it becomes straight. According to one survey that involved 150 women, results showed that most women find a curved penis less attractive.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine pointed out that the findings show that this applies to the visual and sexual appeal. The findings also show that having an unattractive curved penis can also affect the sexual intercourse of couples. This condition not only results in less pleasurable intercourse but also a painful one. Some women who had experience with men that have a curved penis experience dissatisfaction.

Some men with curved penises face difficulties in hitting the g-spot of women which lowers their chance of having an orgasm. Thus, a straight penis is certainly more ideal for better penetration. This is where the Quick Extender Pro comes in handy as a modern penile traction system. Without the help of surgical interventions, this device can correct penis curvature.


How to Wear the Quick Extender Pro

To maximize the benefits of the QEP, you have to wear it properly. Follow these steps whenever you have to wear the device:

  •         Read the instructions carefully once you received your Quick Extender Pro device and familiarize yourself with its features
  •         Remember that the Quick Extender Pro should be worn only while your penis is in a flaccid state. This will put a slight tension on your penis as it gradually pulls your penis forward.
  •         Your penile curvature will be slowly corrected as you wear the device regularly.
  •         Once you are satisfied with the results you gained, you can stop using the Quick Extender Pro.

The results you achieved throughout the treatment will remain permanent. Once you decide to stop using the device, the additional size you gained will not revert. The QEP is a device that is designed to correct the curvature of the penis as well as its aesthetic aspects. Its specially calibrated tension springs are there to provide the right amount of pressure to your penis.

For Peyronie’s disease, we still recommend that you follow your doctor’s instructions. Continue taking any medication that your doctor prescribed even if you already use the Quick Extender Pro.


The Quick Extender Pro Packages

The QEP penis extender is a versatile product that comes in 4 different packages. Depending on your penile condition, you can choose any of these packages that include the following:

  •         Value Edition

This edition is perfect for users who are looking for a starter kit at an affordable price. This package has a maximum of 7 inches with an included advanced DSS system. It is fully upgradable in case you need some extra spare parts of accessories for the kit. Also, it is covered by a limited warranty to give you peace of mind.

  •         Deluxe Standard Edition

The Deluxe Standard Edition is the perfect package for those who want a more advanced solution than the Value Edition. This package provides the perfect balance between high performance and an affordable cost for all customers. Just like the most basic edition, it features an exclusive DSS gland support to ensure its total comfort.

It has a 1 month supply of Rizer XL, 6 silicone tubes, 6 comfort pads, a 6-month money-back guarantee, and more. Hence, it is a complete but budget-friendly package that can help you achieve a phenomenal penis size.

  •         Deluxe Limited Edition

If you want the best out of this penis extender, the Deluxe Limited Edition is that you need. This is the package that offers everything you need to get a straighter, thicker, and longer penis. It comes with a 3 month supply of Rizer XL, strong tension springs, and a booster pump. This package is designed to give you the maximum size you can achieve and to correct your penile curvature.

In just a few weeks, you can finally get the size you’ve dreamed of and even have the option to upgrade. The package includes spare parts that you might need with a set of specialized memory foam comfort pads with medical grade. Also, this package includes a 6 volume DVD set and more.

  •         Curvature and Peyronie’s Edition

For those who are looking for a solution to straighten their penis, this Curvature and Peyronie’s Edition is for you. This exclusive package includes tension springs that are calibrated to counter the penile curvature. At the same time, this package comes with an improved memory foam comfort pads with medical grade. These pads are combined with the tested and proven technology of penis extender.

Lastly, this package comes with a powerful supplement to ensure your safety in achieving faster and permanent results. Thus, this package is loaded with parts and accessories for both Peyronie’s disease and simple bent penis.



The Quick Extender Pro is a high-quality penis extender that suits different types of users. It comes along with different editions so customers can choose the best package that fits their needs and budget. With its exclusive strap support system, you can use it comfortably for long hours regularly.

Whether you are simply watching the television or doing paper works at home, the Quick Extender Pro can be worn safely. Since the QEP has a tighter grip, rest assured that your penis will remain in place once it is worn properly.

 You can check more information on the official website.




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